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Wood Accents are the New Neutral

In the past, neutral homes were simple. Gray walls and white cabinets covered homes with minimal uniqueness. In 2023, wood accents are making a comeback as the new neutral. Natural wood finishes are a timeless accent that will make your home stand out.

Natural wood-finished cabinets have become a highly sought-after design trend. This trend brings something new to a typically simple space. According to Lizzy Antonik, lead designer at custom residential contractor Oak Development & Design, “There has been a huge shift from the all-white kitchen by using natural wood to warm up a space. Even mixing wood with painted cabinetry can give a homeowner the best of both worlds without fully committing in either direction.” Wood cabinets can be worked into a number of aesthetics ranging from rustic to boho. No matter what your style is, wood cabinets could be that “pop” you need to enhance your space.

Perhaps the most popular design trend right now is exposed wood ceilings or beams. The natural wood is shown to bring a feeling of serenity and relaxation, like a peaceful log cabin. Wood slats on the ceiling or timber framing can also allow for integrated lighting systems behind them. This same trend can even be found on the walls of many homes. Wood accent walls can provide texture to a space when wood isn’t used elsewhere.

Sadly, you may be renting and not able to build these wood accents into your home. Thankfully, there are other options. You can accent your home with wood decor as well. Custom signs and fabrications or beautiful wooden tables can warm up your space and bring in the rustic look you are desperately craving. Wooden shelves can be used to break up a space that may be too simple for your liking and add a new design element for you to play off of.

Ready to incorporate natural wood finishes into your home? At Renaissance Reclaimed, LLC, we are master craftsmen with decades of experience in bringing our client’s visions to life. We provide a range of creative designs and products for your home and we are proud to offer our unique skill set as an asset to the River City community and beyond.

Give Renaissance Reclaimed a call today at 256-916-2121! We serve customers nationwide and look forward to working with you in partnership to create lasting, original pieces to bring beauty and functionality into the spaces where you live, work, and play!


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