Have your own materials but don’t have the time or machinery to complete your projects at home? Our 12,000 square feet facility offers the following individual services for your personal projects: 



CNC Routing is a popular way to make precise cuts into materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, composites, plastic, and foam. By using software on a computer, our team is able to tell the machine the exact angle, size and shape that your design needs to come to life.

One of our most popular uses of CNC Routing in our wood millwork is to create etched designs into wood signs, doors, plagues, or mantles. We are able to use CNC Routing to beautifully recreate anything from your favorite passage from a book to your business's logo. 



Jointery is a part of woodworking that involves creating attachments between two pieces of wood, through the use of fasteners, bindings or adhesives. There are many types of jointery techniques, all serving a different purpose depending on the strength, flexibility, toughness, and appearance necessary for the project.



Create the perfect trim for your home with our custom Moulding services. Available in a wide array of styles, sizes, and materials.


  •  Crown Moulding

  •  Baseboard

  •  Door & Window (Casing)

  •  Chair Rail & Wall Trim 

  •  Shoe & Quarter Round

  •  Corner & Block




Planing a broad is performed  to make all of the broad the same width and smooth any rough surface! This process requires a very close attention to detail and technique in order to ensure that the width of the board is uniform.



Have a large piece of wood you would like to use for your next project? We would love to make this possible for you with our professional Resaw services.


Resawing takes one large thick piece of wood and slices it into thinner sections. This is useful for times when you want your wood to have a mirrored, symmetrical pattern - referred to as book matched panels.



Our Wood Surfacing services allow you to flatten thick or irregular shaped pieces of wood into usable surfaces for counters, cabinetry and anything else you may need.


Surfacing also allows you to maintain the live edge of the wood if you choose to, which is a very popular style for dining tables, coffee tables and counters. 



Turning is used to make symmetrical, often spherical objects such as: knobs, columns, balusters, toys, bowls or spindles. This is the ideal method for creating customized gifts, decor, or matching historical home features.

Woodturning reveals the amazing grain design of the wood as it is spun into your deserved item. These pieces last for a lifetime.